Like most online writers, I belong to several writing sites that offer a private forum where you can talk to the other writers on the site. The premise is that you can exchange ideas about the site and about online writing in general, and you can all just be one big happy family, working toward the common goal of making that site the best on the Web.

Excuse me for a second... * cough * bullshit! * cough *

The problem with these sites is that once they set up these “helpful, community-oriented forums” they turn them over to the members and let the lunatics run the asylum.

Now, if you're not personally acquainted with a 'writer' then it might be difficult for you to comprehend the size of a writer's ego.

The best writers, the well-known authors, like Stephen King and Dean Koontz and probably even Stephanie Meyers (though I shudder to call her one of the best) will admit flat-out that they have an ego the size of Texas. Most writers do, but only the best will admit it. Writers, or should I say 'WE' writers, thrive on attention and praise and we all think we're the best writers ever to come down the pike.

While there are thousands of excellent online writers, sadly, there are also millions more who think they're excellent writers, when in reality they just plain suck. And most online forums at writing sites are being used as a vehicle for just those types of writers to command the attention they think they deserve.

“MY articles are well-thought out and diligently researched. Why do they allow those hacks to keep publishing here? They're only dragging down the quality of this site, quality which I, and I alone, have worked to hard to develop?!”

“This site needs to remove those ads from the sidebars. MY readers don't want to look at that kind of information. I, and I alone, know exactly what's best for my readers!”

“This site needs to change THIS. This site needs to change THAT. MY articles aren't being properly promoted!”

I could go on and on but if you've ever visited one of these sites you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you've been warned!

At each site, on each forum, there are about a dozen or so writers who command the entire forum. They either start all the threads or the have the final say. Either way, your opinion will never matter, you'll never know what you're talking about, and they will always disagree with you, even if you're repeating something they said in an earlier thread.

And they always end with... “I've been writing on this site for X number of years and I have millions of followers. My readers come to me because they know I'm an authority, I'm the best, blah, blah, blah.... If they were such well-known authors they wouldn't have to write on these sites – they'd have their own book deals.

And here's the real kicker. About a year ago I left one of the sites I was writing on. At the time there were about a dozen of these so-called 'Ace Reporters' controlling the forum. Honestly, it was one of the most negative forums I'd ever seen. These guys were just nasty and most of them couldn't write their way out of a wet paper bag.

I just came back to the site after being away for a year and yeah, you guessed it... those same Dirty Dozen are still there, still in the same financial position they were in a year ago, still writing the same dreck they were writing a year ago, still bitching about the same things they were bitching about when I left and still controlling one of the most negative writers' forums in the world.

Oh, well.... I suppose I should feel sorry for them. But... naahhhhh... why bother? They'd probably just disagree with me if I did!
My daughter and I visited the LUSH store inside Macy's at Tuttle Crossing in Columbus, Ohio and we had so much fun! 

It was the Saturday before Easter and we must have timed it perfectly because when we walked in we were the only 2 customers in the place - so we had the shop to ourselves.

We also had the complete and undivided attention of two of the most marvelous LUSH associates EVER - Johntay and Lamar.  They treated us like royalty and gave each of us our own guided tour of the shop.  Of course, they were handsomely rewarded as we kept plopping more Bath Bombs into our baskets!

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If you've never been inside a LUSH Cosmetics store I highly recommend it.  Shopping online at LUSH is great - especially if there's no store nearby.  But you simply must experience the store and the staff at least once in your life to get the full LUSH experience!

We were about 2 weeks to early to see the LUSH Mother's Day items but they're available online now.  You can see my write ups here:LUSH Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2012LUSH Cosmetics Tickled Pink Gift Box For Mother's DayTop 5 LUSH Bath Bombs for Mother's DayLUSH Mama Mia for Mother's Day

Anyway, you're here to see my LUSH Haul for April.  So here we go!
One of the bath bombs I picked up in my April LUSH Haul was the Mrs. Whippy, a truly yummy bath bomb that smells like strawberries and cream.

I'm not a big fan of fruit scented soaps and bubble baths and perfumes so I was a little hesitant about buying the Mrs. Whippy.  However, it's pink and pink's my favorite color ... so I had to give it a try.  Not to mention the fact that I kind of felt sorry for the poor dear.  I didn't find much online about Mrs. Whippy and there weren't even many videos.

So here I am with a review of LUSH Cosmetics' Mrs. Whippy for all you LUSHies and I think you're going to like it.

First, the Mrs. Whippy is a creamy white bath bomb with swirls of pretty pink glitter on top and it really does look like a big serving of soft serve ice cream.  It fizzes slowly and took about 10 minutes to completely dissolve but while it's fizzing around your tub it releases a marvelous pink and creamy cloud, as you can see in my video below.

Now, on to the good stuff.  As I said, I'm not a big fan of fruity fragrances.  Oh, they're fine when you need a quick pick-me-up, they're really very invigorating.  Which is kind of what I expected with the Mrs. Whippy.

However, I was pleasantly surprised.  Made with Fair Trade Sugar and Soya Milk, the Mrs. Whippy has more of a sweet, floral fragrance to it, like strawberries, cream and flowers.  It's not overly fruity  and not cloyingly sweet because the Soya Milk blends all the fragrances into a creamy fragrance, if you can imagine that.

The water turns a beautiful shade of pink, too, which makes it even more luxurious.

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The Soya Milk is a wonderful skin softener, too.  In fact, as a test, I whipped out a razor and shaved my legs - without the benefit of any creams or soaps.  Just me, the razor and Mrs. Whippy in the bath water, and not a razor burn in sight.

This is also a bath bomb you can use if you're Vegan as it contains no animal products whatsoever, and LUSH also strictly adheres to their policy of not using ingredients that have been tested on animals.

As for the headiness of the fragrance after my bath, yes, I still smell like creamy soft serve strawberry ice cream, but it's not overpowering at all.  Just a light, delicate fragrance lingering on my skin.

Overall, I give the LUSH Mrs. Whippy Bath Bomb 5 Stars and I'm putting it at the top of my list of LUSH products I must always have on hand!